Confidence is the root of your success in life.

In general, other people will react more positively towards you if you are more confident. Feeling confident makes it easier for you to make new friends or find romantic partners.

On the other hand, if people can sense that you are not fully confident, they tend to react more negatively. That means they will be less likely to want to interact with you in the future. This rejection can lower your self confidence even further and create a downward spiral that can seem impossible to get out of.

This is just as true in business as it is in your personal life.

Confident people make more sales, get promoted more often, get better raises and in general thrive in the business climate.

On the other hand, people with lower self confidence tend to falter or hit the glass ceiling.

But confidence is based on how you see yourself and your general overall faith in your own abilities.

Which means... how confident you are is completely within your control.

If you fail it is because you believe you are a failure.

If you succeed it is because you believe in your success.

You might want to feel more powerful, capable of facing challenging situations and difficult people without flinching, or without being treated like a doormat. Or maybe you want to be more charismatic. Or you want to feel more in charge and in control of your life, so that you can set your mind on any goal you desire and achieve it with unshakable determination.

How would it feel if you had already made all the changes you want?

All of this and more is not only possible, but easily within your reach.

And it's as easy as listening!